Digital Stalking In 2019: Retargeting Ads

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 8.55.45 AMopens IMAGE file Yes, we’re stalking you.  The world of digital marketing has become a world of stalking:  digital stalking, that is.  Retargeting allows marketers to “stalk” and follow customers around online.  All of this is based on your patterns of behavior online and your initial expressed interest on a topic.  The ability to follow internet users around is actually a really helpful thing for both consumers and for marketers, and we’ll show you why.

Retargeting places a cookie that follows you around.  Let’s say you open up an email and actually click through to an offer.  You don’t convert on that offer, but you’ve clicked through to it.  By simply clicking, you are showing some level of interest, and then the marketing companies know they can send more messages to you with that small level of interest.  From there, you may see ads for the same type of offer on other websites you visit, social media sites, or even future emails.  That is what retargeting is!

It’s Good For The Consumer.

Retargeting allows the internet experience to become a truly customized experience.  The cookies placed on ads allow future ads you see to be actually relevant to things you are interested in.  So, when you are researching vacation spots in Cabo, the future ads you might get delivered to you through display, social, or email, are going to be things like rental car ads, resort deals, and other tourist attractions in Cabo.  Compare that to the ads you used to see just even a couple years ago.  You might have seen an ad for a resort, and then one for car insurance, and then one for a local preschool.  None of these things have anything to do with your interests, or with each other.

Today, retargeting makes the overall experience more customized and personalized to you, saving you time and providing you with great deals that you can actually use!

It’s Good For The Marketer.

Retargeting is an obvious win for marketers.  By using retargeting cookies and technology, marketers are able to learn valuable intel about their customers to make future ads perform better.  Also, this intel allows marketers to send more targeted ads that have a higher percentage of return because the customer is already interested in the topic of the ad.  Never before, have we been able to zone in this closely on our target audience by using data and actual consumer behavior!

No need to go pull a restraining order on this type of stalking!  Digital marketers just want to help you find the offers that will save you money, and help advertisers to spend marketing dollars more wisely.  Retargeting allows both of these things to happen, and in turn, makes our world more and more of a personalized experience!