Don't Just Reach Out to Consumers, Connect With Them


Marketers’ biggest struggle in today’s market is to find ways to connect with real people in REAL ways. People are looking for a personal connection from brands, and those willing to get personal, can make a great impact. While countless companies use email marketing as part of their communication strategy, not all companies have found a way to implement personal touch into their messages. As a successful marketer, it’s your job to create email campaigns that stand out from the hundreds of other email campaigns that enter the inboxes of your customers on the regular. Below is a list of ways to but the personal touch into your emails and establish a connection with your readers.


  1. Include recipient name

There’s no better way to establish a comfort level with a customer/future customer than by using his/her name. Nobody likes unfriendly, unwelcoming mass emails that go to thousands of people and have no regard for individual people. Let your readers know that you care about who they are and want to serve them as best you can. It starts with the simple things.


  1. Include sender name

On that note, if you’re going to address people by their name, then your emails should also include your name. As the sender, you should always include a name or point of contact in the email. It is also ideal that the email alias includes a name too instead of a generic alias. A generalized email alias is more likely to be ignored or marked as spam either reader.


  1. Include author/department photo

It doesn’t matter if your business is large or small, including a photo of the applicable employee or department that contributes to the email marketing efforts will give readers a better idea of who they’re engaging with. Friendly, vibrant photos will allow customers to make a visual connection with your company and can help it stand out.


  1. Use photos throughout

Author photos are great place to start, but it doesn’t have to end there. Incorporate images throughout your email to help keep your readers engaged and interested in what you have to say. Maintaining a balance between words and images is more interesting than using an excess of text.


  1. Use personal salutations

Instead of using the all too generic email salutations like sincerely, regards, etc., end an email with something genuine. Give the reader something to think about and end an email with a personal call to action. Maybe you encouraged the reader to buy something or maybe you suggested that he/she signs up or something. Find a way to end your email mentioning this call the action. Examples include: looking forward to connecting with you soon, let us know if you need any help with your purchase, call us today to discuss more opportunities. These all show support and interest in the customer while encouraging him/her to take action.


The opportunities provided by email marketing are endless. Whether it be the ability to reach a large amount of people, or the timeliness of email, the opportunities provided by this form of marketing are noteworthy. Email can help take your business to the next level so long as it’s utilized in in a way that keeps your customer’s needs in mind.