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How To Create Engaging Location-Based Advertisements  | Geotargeting Techniques For Advertisers

online advertising, digital marketingopens IMAGE file Last week we painted a pretty bleak picture for geofencing.  You may have read that article and thought to yourself “why would we ever consider geofencing” in any advertising strategy.  Even though it presents a few challenges, we also know it presents a few key opportunities.  If you can harness those opportunities, you have a great opportunity to go where few advertisers are succeeding.


Remember, that the mobile device is not magic; you still need to present authentic brands.  Millennials and younger are savvy and scrutinous.  They’ll see right through you inauthentic ads and brand representation.  Go for authentic and you’ll attract this audience much more.  Look at the live video revolution that is happening right now, you’ll notice that very few care about what they look like or if the lighting is perfect.  These videos are extremely authentic, real, and real-time.  Go for the same with mobile and you’ll find that you stick out from the normal ads our industry is used to creating.

Be Price Conscious

Geofencing is a great tool for the quick sale, rather than the investment piece.  That is why a coffee shop or restaurant will do ten times better with geofencing ads than a car dealership.  Why?  Typically, people spend more time thinking about purchasing a car than they do a latte.  Apply that knowledge appropriately, and you’ll know when and where to do geofencing ads for the best conversion rate.


Our culture is very much about the real-time and the excitement of the moment.  You can play off of that effectively if you have a big event, festival, conference, or concert.  Consider the audience at the event to tailor your ad and offer carefully.  Typically, these consumers are already emotionally connected to the event, and are much more likely to appreciate a compelling offer delivered based on their location at that event.  You have a receptive audience.

Part, Not The Whole

We’re big fans of using digital advertising techniques in conjunction with each other.  One ad, or ads on only one type of platform will not convert well.  However, a healthy mix of sending multiple campaigns and on various channels will help grab your audience’s attention and increase conversion rates overall.

We fully expect to see geofencing increase in capability and exposure in the next few years.  Brands that can harness the power of geotargeting and geofencing now will be steps ahead of the industry and reach a growing population.  Think of how much time you use your mobile device and then consider how beneficial it would be to capture the attention of your customers using their own device?  Pretty powerful stuff!

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