Ho Ho Ho!  Top Tips to Plan your Email Marketing Campaign for the Holidays.


Holiday cheer seems to come earlier and earlier every year. Don’t be late to hop on the bandwagon! Christmas time is typically a very successful, if not the most successful, season for businesses when it comes to sales and revenue. You can really make your business stand out during the Christmas season if you take the time to develop a fun campaign that caters to America’s love of the holidays. It’s all about understand your customer demographic and understanding what makes them tick and  in the U.S., holidays are one of those things. Here are some top tips successfully plan and execute a Christmas email marketing campaign for the 2017 season!


  1. Strategize

I believe the saying goes something like this:  nothing good happens overnight. Running a business is a strategic decision and so is the marketing aspect. Begin planning your campaign a few months ahead and brainstorm what fun Christmas email campaigns you can take part in this year. Allow ample time to develop your ideas, create an implementation process and budget accordingly for any graphic design needs or support materials. This way, the campaign will be well thought out and can cater specifically to your audience. Because email drip campaigns are based on specific user actions, be sure to process the different ways customers can respond to your emails.


  1. Get festive

In order to execute a Christmas campaign, you must hop into your festive side. Whatever the big idea or theme is, make sure to incorporate it throughout your email as well as your website, social media pages and business collateral. If you have a campaign name that you introduce in an email, find ways to incorporate it into a hashtag campaign on Twitter or Instagram, etc. Christmas campaigns are all about spreading holiday cheer and happy ideas. If you have a great idea, spread it around and make an impact on consumers. These campaigns should tap into the traditional side of people who cherish the most important moments in life each year. Don’t tread lightly and stop at email; take this campaign further make it count.


  1. Give gifts

Christmas isn’t Christmas without giving, right? How about giving your customers a little something special in the email to help them get into the spirit? There are various ways that you can incorporate this into your campaign and they range from discount coupons to offering free items with the purchase of another item, and so forth. If going the extra mile to make your customers feel appreciated results in them feeling better about supporting your business, then the discount and/or gift was worth it. When you start the trend of holiday cheer, it is often returned. Give people a reason to support the season and play your part in making others feel the love.


When all is said and done, a holiday email campaign is just like any other campaign when it comes to planning, preparation and execution. While it might be more traditions-based than a normal campaign, it still requires similar effort. Formulate goals that you want to accomplish and take the time to figure out how your holiday campaign is going to help you achieve those goals. Remember that a successful holiday campaign catches the interest of the people at the right time.