Holiday Advertising Campaign Tips | Data-Dynamix Resources

opens IMAGE file Ready or not, the holiday decorations are popping up in stores everywhere you go. But if you wait until the holiday music starts broadcasting across the speakers you’ve waited too long to get your holiday campaigns in order. By now, you’ve probably thought through some of your holiday campaign strategy but you’re probably now finalizing how to allocate the budget. Once you know what your campaign is promoting, it’s vital you set up your ad campaign in an effective way. Here’s how you should think about your campaign structure:

  1. Smart Data From Day 1: Most campaigns will utilize cold traffic to draw in new visitors and potential customers. Often, this is referred to as cold traffic, and it can be some of the costliest leads you acquire in a campaign largely because these prospects don’t have any trust or awareness established with your brand yet. You don’t have any data on them to start, and so in a sense, you are paying to get in front of them. However, with Deterministix data, you can target the ideal prospective customer – even if they are a cold lead. It all starts with using the right data sources.
  2. Track IP Address ID data and mobile Device ID data. You can gather valuable intel from tracking IP addresses and then pairing that information from internet searches to a specific mobile device ID. This makes your tracking down from a household (which is extremely valuable) to individual users (even more valuable!). 
  3. Tie with traditional direct mail and email. Campaigns that use a multi-channel approach will see much more success than those that stick with just one digital channel. With Determistix data, you can now connect all of these channels together. So, when you know the IP Addresses and Mobile Ad IDs, you can connect those to a physical location, allowing print mail advertising to be that much more effective. Then correlate that information with email address data making your email sends more targeted and appealing to customers. But consider this for just a second: what would happen if you can connect data sets between Mobile Devices, IP Addresses, email addresses, and physical locations? The possibilities are simply endless. Now, when someone is retargeted, they are receiving drip marketing in a specific digital channel with something they are actually interested in – and on multiple platforms at that. Your brand can look like it’s in many places at once. 
  4. Retarget Well. Late summer/early fall is the ideal time to be designing and structuring your campaigns because you know that holiday advertising season is a distinct selling season. You need to make sure you have time to retarget consumers effectively before this season ends. Make sure that you retarget them using the same data you’re leveraging in the initial part of the campaign. Only now your audience for retargeting is even MORE ready to buy because they were closer to the sale from day one. Also, you are focusing on the right people who have shown intent within the campaign as well. When you retarget in a smart way, you are able to allocate your marketing dollars better, giving you a better return on investment!
  5. Utilize Location Listening Resources. Location listening and Point of Interest are ways to gather Mobile Ad IDs based on where consumer foot traffic has been documented.  When geofences are set around single or multiple locations IDs from consumer devices can be identified, isolated, and then fed to a digital advertising specialist to take to social media platforms for audience segmenting – much like what you may have already done with email addresses but the M.A.I.D.s reflect people (and their devices) who have visited specific stores or locations recently.  With Data-Dynamix’s Location Listening solution Mobile Ad IDs from the last 30 days can be retrieved! Learn more here!

Data-Dynamix’s Deterministix is a great way to do these smart holiday campaigns. Of course, you need to have an idea of what your offer is, where you’ll be sending them, and all of those fun advertising foundations. Once you have those pieces in place, it’s time to get technical and make sure your campaign is leveraging the best data available to you today. Not only will this make your campaigns more effective, but it will make consumers have a better user experience. It’s a win-win for everyone!