The Importance and Easy Application of Email Marketing in the Auto Industry

If you’ve seen our past blog posts, you know we believe in email marketing. In fact, we can’t stress it enough how important it is. It’s a great way to reach a large audience of people and it provides plenty of metrics to see your ROI. In this day and age, email marketing is a must, especially in certain industries. The auto industry is one of them. Few industries are able to segment and target like auto industries can and segmenting is a key part of email marketing.

Below we are going to discuss how the segmenting in the auto market sets the stage for successful email campaigns.



  • Interests


Let’s be honest, stereotypes do exist, especially when it comes to cars. That’s because each brand attracts different types of people based on the different features offered. It’s no secret that trucks attract people with the need to transport large amounts of goods or pull heavy loads. It can then be deduced what kind of people have these needs. It is likely people who tow boats or horse trailers, or it could also be general contractors who carry tools in their truck bed. A hybrid car would attract a different audience. More than likely, people in the market for this car are either environmentally friendly or have to commute and want to save money on gas. Because different cars offer different benefits, the customer base tends to be more defined than customers in other markets. The ability to differentiate based on interests allows for better segmentation.


  1. Price Point

Because there are so many cars with so many different price points, people have plenty of options. Most people are able to find something they like within their price bracket because there are typically multiple brands that can offer them something within their budget. Also because buying a car is an expensive purchase, most people cannot get qualified to buy a car that is way above their means. For example, it is very unlikely that someone with a low income and a low credit score will be approved to purchase a Ferrari. Because of the reasons above, car price points allow marketers to target consumers based on income.


  1. Location

Most major car brands have dealership locations all over. Because of this, each dealership is given a smaller territory to focus on as opposed to focusing on one large territory that includes the whole country. Having dealerships all throughout the U.S. gives each location the ability to really hone in on their area and focus on the consumers located within a reasonable distance from them.


The interests of car buyers, the different price points of cars, and the locations of car dealerships allow for great segmentation of email marketing. The consumer base in the auto industry can be more clearly defined that many other industries. When you have this kind of information and knowledge in front of you, the opportunities are endless. Your email marketing will have a great opportunity to be successful.