Case Study: IP and Device Targeting - How We More Than Tripled Click-Throughs for Ged Lawyers, LLP

The Challenge
As Hurricane Irma left a path of destruction throughout Florida in the fall of 2017, many homeowners faced significant challenges and damage to their homes. Ged Attorneys, LLP, a local legal firm specializing in insurance claims with no active advertising in the marketplace, wanted to get messaging out to the right target consumer in Collier, Lee, and Monroe counties immediately.

The Solution
Data-Dynamix identified 116,000 deterministically graphed Homeowners with a Mortgage and a Home Value $200,000+ within the three targeted south Florida counties. A 3-week mobile-centric campaign delivered to targeted Mobile Device IDs and/or IP Addresses using four ad sizes including site retargeting.

The Message
Ged Lawyers, LLP are expert in dealing with FEMA and insurance companies – they wanted to let targeted homeowners know that they were there to help capture all necessary monies for the repair of their damaged property.

The Results

  • Objective Results: This IP/Mobile ID campaign showed significant activity from mobile devices (75% of delivered impressions), drove 377 new targeted consumers (0.15% CTR vs. an average of 0.04%) to the end client’s website, and recorded 32 new conversions
  • Subjective Results: The end client is “happy being too busy to keep up”!
  • Continued Success: Our media partner has worked this tactic into their own marketing plan and continues to use it
    with a consistent CTR of 0.3% and good lead generation for themselves since the 3rd week of October 2017.

Simply put, the ability to target the devices of the demographics you want is real, and it works! Contact us today at sales@data-dynamix.comcreate new email or (720) 855-9282opens phone dialer to learn how we can similarly boost your conversions using our exclusive Deterministix™ technology!