IP-ID Targeting 101: The Future of Smart Advertising

IP Targeting Device ID Targeting

Understand the Basics of IP Address Targeting and Mobile Device ID Targeting

What if I told you that you can display ads on the devices of your targets without needing cookies? IP-ID targeting is adtech enabling something previously thought impossible: targeting display advertising directly to individual matching demographic profiles, just like other forms of marketing. Display campaigns leveraging device targeting technology can deliver as much as three times the click-through rate of traditional display campaigns!

The Basics:  What is IP-ID Targeting?

Let’s start with the basics: every device connected to the Internet has an IP address corresponding to a physical location.  It could be a home, place of business, or even a coffee shop.   An additional identifier exists for mobile devices, as well.  A mobile device ID is created the moment  users download their first app and remains active until they re-image their device.  Mobile IDs enable advertisers to deliver ads to a targeted user when he or she is actively using any app that includes inline ads.  Now you know why there are so many “free” apps!  Digital ads can be deployed directly to an IP address or device ID. So, if you  have data matching demographics and geography to those identifiers, you can display digital advertising to the very devices your target buyers use!

While advertisers have a lot of data at their disposal, all of this data is encrypted and anonymized to protect individual privacy, while still providing a positive experience to end users.

What Can You Do with IP-ID Targeting?

The possibilities are truly endless, but the most basic use for IP-ID targeting is acquiring a high level of specificity with your advertising.  You can truly get to know your customers based on their web browsing patterns or app usage, and then deliver ads where they are online, when they are online, and based on topics they are interested in online.  In today’s busy world, people are literally inundated with messages everywhere they look, so when you can send them an ad that they are actually interested in and is something they would find real value in, you have a way to break through all of the digital noise.

Connect the Dots:  Advertising Success With IP-ID Targeting

Perhaps our favorite thing about IP-ID targeting is that we’ve connected IP address and mobile device ID data with our proprietary consumer and business database. We not only have verified IP addresses and mobile device IDs, but identities linked to demographic interests and postal-verified physical addresses.  Now, you can connect the dots between your direct mail strategies and digital marketing strategies.  You can leverage traditional retargeting alongside IP-ID targeting to get in front of your customers time and time again, taking them through the necessary parts of the sales cycle in an efficient way.

IP address targeting and mobile device ID targeting is the latest technology for truly savvy businesses that want to improve their digital advertising performance, from impressions to click-throughs to conversions.

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Data Dynamix uses anonymized list of IP addresses and IP identification numbers, as well as content filters to protect our brands and partners.  Our data adheres to the Digital Advertising Alliance principles and we have the expectation of our clients to do the same.  To learn more about our privacy policy in detail, please click here.