IP Targeting: The Future of Advertising?

What is IP Targeting?

IP Targeting is a way to deliver online display ads directly to the consumers you choose – no cookie-based tactics required. Every wi-fi network you connect to has an “IP address” assigned to it – a numeric code that helps that network communicate with the Internet. With programmatic IP targeting, you can deliver your online display advertising to all devices connecting to a given network, if you have its IP address.

Online display advertising used to only be a saturation tactic to reach a quantity of random viewers. Now with IP address targeting, online display advertising is a means to actually deliver precision messaging to selected targets.

IP Targeting is Targeted Display Advertising

Like email addresses and postal addresses, IP addresses of individuals, households, and business can be matched to their geographic and demographic details. That means if want to only deliver your programmatic display campaign, for example, to homeowners in Denver, you can!

Data-Dynamix is leveraging IP targeting in more programmatic campaigns, to the delight of its customers. And who would have thought, but reaching a more focused audience results in better click throughs and conversions. Data-Dynamix has seen up to 4 times the average click-through rate in programmatic display campaigns that leverage IP targeting!

What Makes IP Targeting so Special?

In today’s day and age, marketers have countless tools at their disposal, with seemingly unlimited ways of reaching and/or targeting consumers. Whether it’s display advertising, direct mail, email marketing, social media or any of the other methods, there is no shortage of marketing channels that can be utilized to reach an audience. While each channel offers businesses the means to reach their target markets, each channel can have its limitations too. The technology to meet those limitations is here, with IP targeting. 

IP and Device targeting integrated with demographic targeting

Instead of spending time and money to send direct mail postcards or pamphlets to households that may not even take the time to read their mail, marketers can reach consumers on the devices they are using every day. Many traditional media methods aren’t guaranteed to get a message right in front of the right audience, but with IP address targeting, marketers can ensure that their display ads are reaching specific devices, and connecting them with the people they are most interested in reaching. The best part about IP targeting is that since virtually everyone is online these days and every device that connects to the Internet has an IP address, a marketer’s reach is essentially unlimited. Using this type of marketing gives the business a chance to dive in and reach exactly who it is that they have been trying to find.

Targeting by Device and IP Address is New AdTech!

With this development in marketing, advertisers can now send customized ads to people in specific locations matching specific demographics. Displaying an ad in this fashion – ultra-targeted to someone who most likely wants to see it, has shown to increase click-throughs by as much as 300%! The ads can also be displayed to businesses, as well. IP targeting allows for both B2B and B2C marketing. Once an IP address is assigned to a person or a business, it almost acts as a tracking number where a business can collect information about them. IP targeting gives marketers an easy and effective way to target people, all while providing them with information that is beneficial to their business.

If you are looking to mix things up and try a different method, IP targeting could very well be worth a shot. Data-Dynamix can help you with IP targeting. Please contact us for more information on this exciting new technology for digital marketing!