Location Listening Post-Pandemic World

As the world moves forward from stay-at-home, or quarantine orders, one of the big questions is how will life move on. As marketers we’ve seen a huge shift to online activity since it’s the main way that people can stay connected during this time. However, it still remains to be seen how people will react to life post-quarantine and our marketing needs to reflect that. Here are a few things to consider:


  1. Location Listening. Location Listening is a huge opportunity for marketers because people are ready to get out! They are ready to go shop and visit places they have had to avoid for a couple of months. From picking up food at restaurants, to making that furniture purchase they have been meaning to do, to even going and finally taking care of that new car they needed to buy, people are going to be ready to do activity. By utilizing Location Listening, we can leverage mobile activity to target specific types of ads.  Location Listening feeds of Mobile Ad IDs puts powerful and very recently gathered data at your fingertips.
  2. Past Locations. We are big fans of Location Listening because we can go a ways back in the past and target people based off of past events or locations. Think about concerts, sporting events, conventions, and other niche events that reflect a specific interest. Targeting specific people based on those interests is powerful. While these events were mostly nonexistent during the shutdowns, the fact that we can pull recent historical data, allows you to still leverage behavioral data associated with attending these events. 
  3. Social ads. As the world shifts to digital interactions, social media ads have only become more and more valuable to advertisers. The prominence of social media activity in our daily interactions is going to remain steady even as the world “opens up.” Many people are still wary of what they can and should be out doing, and so many people are still going to rely on digital interactions instead of physical interactions. While in some places it was a quick shutdown, many consumer behaviors are expected to be gradual to change as things open back up. 


Digital advertising is extremely important in 2020, and not just because there are so many great ways to go about it. With the recent pandemic, we’ve seen an overnight reliance on digital and virtual consumer experiences. Businesses that have embraced those opportunities will be rewarded and those that make smart moves as we move into the next season will also experience evolving opportunities.