Mobile Device ID Advertising Technology: The Secret Weapon We Carry All Day Long

The most underutilized tool you have with you all day long:  Mobile Device IDs

Mobile Device ID Advertising Technologyopens IMAGE file When was the last time you went without your phone for more than 30 minutes?  How about ten minutes? Okay, okay…five minutes? Odds are, your phone is within five feet of you now.  In today’s world, we carry mini supercomputers with us almost everywhere we go. [Compare that with the size of the first computer you owned or used!!]  There’s a wealth of information in that little device that helps make not only our own lives better, but also makes advertisers’ lives a little easier as well!  

What is a mobile device ID?

Each mobile device has a unique ID connected to it, and with that ID, it carries important information.  Device IDs are separate from hardware serial numbers. Every Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad has a unique device ID number associated with it, known as a Unique Device ID (UDID).

Why do we care about Mobile Device IDs?

Each mobile device ID unlocks the key to some pretty amazing opportunities for digital advertising.  It’s not so much that each ID number tells us all this information about an individual user, BUT that ID number allows advertisers to connect the dots with other known information about a particular user.  

Closing the Loop for Mobile Device ID Advertising Technology

By connecting dots in data sets, we can determine who we are sending ads to on a mobile device.  For example, we have the power to follow a specific consumer from interest level on an online search carried over a specific IP address all the way over to their mobile device.  In fact, this can be even more powerful when you consider the power of following consumers wherever they go and what they do on each device. We can truly close the loop and provide deterministic marketing options for advertisers!

Let’s say you have someone researching cars on their computer, you can then serve up ads to them on their mobile device for specific dealerships based on the location of their mobile device.  Now, remember how often we are right next to our phones. Odds are, that mobile device’s location is a good indicator of where the consumer we’re targeting is. How timely is it if we can geotarget consumers for the right spot to buy a car from right when they are already in the mindset to purchase that car?

Are most advertisers using mobile device ID’s to their fullest potential?  The simple answer is “no,” absolutely not! Most brands don’t even realize that we can close the loop and pull so many different data sets together to provide the best digital ad experience available in the history of advertising.  There has simply never been a better time to be a marketer. Prospects can be reached via email, direct mail, mobile device or desktop, and with Deterministix™, reaching the right prospects is now a reality.