Why You Need To Care About October 31 If You're In Advertising

Why Advertisers Should Care About Halloween As A Deadline!  Holiday Season Starts Now!

dd-halloweenopens IMAGE file Have you ever noticed that the minute Halloween costumes go off the shelf, Turkey decorations and fake Christmas trees begin to pop up almost simultaneously? Well, there’s a reason behind the holiday marketing madness. To many people, marketing months in advance can seem pushy or over-zealous. However, just like everything in business, there is a meaning behind it.

According to Statista, 38% of women and 42% of men begin their shopping in November. The percent drops to 14% and 19% during the first two weeks of December and drops even more to 3% of women and 5% of men in the last two weeks of December. Based on these stats, it is evident that people are more likely to get their shopping done earlier in the holiday season rather than later. Because of this, marketers don’t want to wait until November to start promoting their brand.

If most people are shopping in November, businesses should make it a goal to get their marketing out there right as Halloween is ending because this is when consumers will start to take notice, right before they begin shopping. Also, if the majority of shoppers are searching for gifts and decorations in November, then this means it’s especially important for the marketers to try and promote their businesses because this is when the opportunity to make higher profits is available. If companies wait until late November and only focus on attracting those last minute December shoppers, they will only be looking at targeting 14% of women and 19% of men. If there are less shoppers out there, businesses will have more pressure to get higher spending customers because they will have missed out on targeting the larger group of November shoppers.

In addition to marketing in a timely manner and reaching a large group of shoppers, planning your marketing schedule and promotions in advance can also benefit your business from a financial standpoint. Since the summer is generally known to be a slower time in terms of consumer spending, marketers should take advantage of this. Marketers should be reaching out to printers, designers, and all the other important companies that help with promotional materials, because they will likely be more eager to do jobs for a lesser rate. When the holiday season hits, everything is in high demand and prices skyrocket.