The One Thing Most People Forget in Advertising:  Retargeting

The One Thing Most People Forget in Advertising:  Retargeting

opens IMAGE file The sales funnel describes the process of generating leads, maintaining their interest and closing deals which is also known as conversion. While the process of lead generation and eventual conversion (making a decision or purchase that benefits your business financially) isn’t cut and dry every time, the sales funnel provides a relatively accurate account of what to expect when trying to nurture leads and push them along in their journey to take an action. There are various tools that play a part in driving the customer to the end goal. According to ReTargeter, Retargeting “is a form of online advertising that can help you keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website.” Retargeting can help keep your leads engaged and interested in what you have to offer. It is a great tool that is being utilized by digital marketers everywhere.

Here’s how retargeting can help encourage leads throughout the sales funnel:

Awareness: the first step in lead generation is awareness. Once a consumer becomes aware that he or she has a need, he or she begins to search for answers. The customer has entered the beginning stage and seeks a solution. In this digital era, most consumers use the internet to help solve their problems. Users search for different keywords in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo and this information can then be utilized by marketers who want to present users with a solution. Even after a user leaves the original site it clicks on after performing a search, and enters into a new page, retargeting allows companies to present reminders about their brand and services. Essentially digital marketers are able to stay with the customer as they search other options by reminding them of their product or service.

Interest: As users begin to understand their options, they will naturally become more inclined towards some solutions and away from others. Maintain their interest by continuing to provide them with ads that serve their needs. Remind them of why you’re the best!

Decision: As they narrow down their decision, the time to really grab their attention is now. Reminding them that you’re there may not be enough. Use retargeting to present consumers will a compelling offer or discount. Put your most interesting, exciting or encouraging deals out there in your ads and drive them back to your site.

Action: Once they’ve made their decision, the last step for the lead is to complete the action. If you’ve used retargeting in the right way, hopefully the consumer will choose to do business with you!

Retargeting is a great lead nurturing and conversion tool because it follows users in a virtual sense and reminds them of the problem or issue they were looking to solve. Retargeting gives users suggestions and encouragement to resolve their needs.