The Power Duo: Facebook & Email Marketing

How you can use Facebook marketing and email marketing together

opens IMAGE file Many people think that using one marketing channel is a good enough start. Some business owners or marketers like to feel things out and test results before they get overzealous and try everything. While paid Facebook advertising is unchartered territory for some and can be scary, there are ways to use it that will improve your chance of success. Typically known as a free marketing channel, email marketing can actually benefit when being paired with paid social advertising. While these may seem like completely separate avenues, the two of them can be extremely powerful when combined.

Email lists

There are a multitude of options when it comes to paid social marketing, specifically on Facebook. Depending on your goals or desires, there are different means to accomplish what you have set out to do. One of the great features of Facebook marketing is that efforts can be extremely targeted towards certain people that you want to reach. For example, you can create your Facebook ad audience through email lists you have acquired. By using your already established email marketing lists, you can create ads that are targeted to a specific audience. This could potentially be a list of prospects that have filled out a form but have not converted. Therefore, you could use Facebook advertising to present them with a compelling offer that will push them to convert. In a situation like this, though you might be paying to encourage conversion, the goal is that the ROI would be make sense financially and be worth it. When done right, targeted advertising is smart advertising.

Utilize a comprehensive campaign that covers both channels

You can use paid social advertising or you can use email marketing… But regardless of which you choose, the old saying can still apply here: two is often better than one. Using both social advertising and email marketing can help provide extra reach to leads and the increased contact can result in greater conversion. Some consumers don’t open emails but love Facebook. Some people don’t use social media but love email. This extended effort provides double the coverage.

Use social advertising for lead generation

This use of social media is actually slightly different than the first on the list. While some use email lists for social targeting, some people don’t have an email list at all and need to work the other way around. As mentioned above, everyone has different marketing goal in mind. For some, it’s lead generation. You can utilize Facebook advertising to gain leads through call to actions (CTAs) and these leads can then be used in email campaigns later on.

The goals of each person and each business vary, but there are multiple ways to intersect the two different marketing channels. Each has different capabilities but can help with the overall goal; to expand your business. When thoroughly planned and efficiently executed, email marketing and social advertising campaigns can have a monumental impact on your business. Take the time to realize the needs and goals of your organization and move forward accordingly.