Retargeting With Social Media: Why Should You Care

Bring Social Media In Your Programmatic Advertising Strategy Mix

dd blog 11.13.15opens IMAGE file In 2015, Facebook announced the creation of an improved pixel. Jon Loomer, a Facebook marketer, talks about the new improvements. According to the website, the new Facebook pixel loads “3x faster, and “allows for ‘multiple event tracking.” He also says that “pixels are unified” and “can be shared.” Essentially, this new pixel will improve advertising on the popular social media platform by making it more effective and efficient. The new pixel has also helped improve the Website Custom Audience feature.

Well, you might be wondering what Website Custom Audiences actually is. Have you ever felt followed around on the internet? Have you felt like someone was stalking your every move? Like that one time you went on a hotel website to browse prices and then after that, ads wouldn’t stop popping up just begging you to come back and make a reservation. The Website Custom Audiences feature makes it so that once you visit a website, ads will pop up on other websites advertising the site you left. The new pixel on Facebook works even better to make it so once you leave a website and go to Facebook, an ad will show up on the Facebook site. Because Facebook is so popular, this is a good place to reach your audience.

So now that you know what is it, let’s talk about what is so great about this feature. An awesome part of Website Custom Audiences is that if someone visits a website and browses a product, but doesn’t make a sale – ads on Facebook can show this product repeatedly. Because the person was looking at a specific product, it shows that they had some interest in it. Facebook then tries to remind them to go back and look at the product again in hopes that they will purchase it. If you’re anything like me and don’t make rash purchasing decisions, this means of advertising can really get inside your head by slowly convincing you to go back and hit the purchase button after you’ve had time to think it over. It’s also smart because the Facebook ads are not advertising to random products to random people. The ads are smart in that they cater to your online browsing history and they basically know what you are interested in.

Because social media such as Facebook is a popular place for people of almost all ages, advertising on this platform can be very effective. Not only does Website Custom Audiences track and advertise to people the smart way, it also gets people in their free time. Most people use social media for pleasure and enjoyment so advertising to them in their spare time when they are just trying to keep up to date with friends and socialize is the best chance to grab their attention. Take notice of this feature and utilize it to make your advertising as effective as it can possibly be.