Dynamic Customer Service

Dynamic Customer Service

Customer Service

Our client services team loves our customers!  They come from fast paced agency teams and they know that client services can make or break a partnership.  We strive for perfection, but we are human and we do make a small number of mistakes.

We have a motto:  “Strive for perfection, but if its not, ALWAYS make it RIGHT”.

Listen to what our Customer’s have to say!


“Quite frankly you guys have been awesome.  This account is the second hardest sell in the market.  He really puts us through the paces on every level.  The fact that he is still interested makes the a very sellable product.  I just wanted to thank you for all your help in getting this individual excited.

Look forward to launching.” – DSM


“Thank you very much for the quick turn around and detailed prep. Your customer service has been excellent.I have a phonecall with the boss this morning to get buttoned up on all this, and review prior to the client meeting.

My apologies for the fire drill…” – DSM


“We wanted to let you know that Kim and Carley have been great to work with and we appreciate all their hard work and making things happen for us on short notice.  It doesn’t go unnoticed with our team or our Clients. ” – Agency DSM


“Kimberly, I wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for your quick turn around and support for my team.  Your service has been outstanding. ” – DSM





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February 17, 2015