How To Stalk Like A Pro

How To Stalk Like A Pro


You want to be top-of-mind when it comes to your potential and current customers and clients. Knowing what they want is key to that.


So how do you find out what they want?


You stalk them like a pro.


Don’t worry, this is completely legal and benefits both you AND your customers!


You can use a person’s locations, social interests, and more to reach them and provide the help they need without the guesswork. By using geotargeting, IP address targeting, social retargeting, and more, you can isolate their habits and target their needs.


Geotargeting: Geotargeting is where you use the visitor’s location information (city, country, IP address, local business, etc.) to deliver content specific to that location. An excellent way to use this is by providing marketing ads targeted by this information. If the target is local, you can offer free shipping or in-store discounts. If they are overseas, you can offer a shipping discount for orders over a certain amount (with a worldwide shipping ad).


IP Address Targeting: This is where you use internet ads specific to households based on their IP address. It’s a specific type of geotargeting that focuses on local houses. It provides an ample opportunity to send personalized content to your target audience. If you combine this with the information you gather for a return customer, your ad personalization can become more specialized. If they only shop with a discount, for instance, you can target them the moment you have sales. This is easier to do if they shop online.


Social Retargeting: Social retargeting is a funnel strategy where you use social media ads to draw new users and customers. This is a valuable way to gather information on your potential clients and customers, as well. You can target people who like a product, vision, etc. similar to yours. This type of “interest-based data” can identify and create audience groups by tracking interaction with brands, status updates, search, and purchase history through social media.


Display/Banner Retargeting: Display and banner retargeting is using banner ads and display ads to gain customer traffic. You want them to be intuitive and integrated into the visual aesthetic of the site. Ads that stand out and “look like ads” will be ignored. By using key terms targeted to the audience and consistent brand messages, you’ll establish brand trust.


For each of these types of targeting make sure your branding is consistent, you have a solid call to action, and the location you send them to coincides with the ad you use. There’s nothing more frustrating than to click on an ad for a particular product and end up on the general search page.


Which type of targeting works best? The way to figure that out is by testing. Your audience is unique to you and the way you connect with them is as well.


Whether you use geotargeting, IP address targeting, social and display/banner retargeting or any combination of the four, using these tools are the difference between knowing your audience and shouting in the dark. You don’t have the time or money to waste on campaigns that aren’t effective. Start stalking like a pro today.