The Connection Between Big Data And Digital Advertising

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The best kept secret in marketing is really not a secret at all. In fact, we’re telling the whole world about this “secret.” Wanna know the secret too? Your advertising strategy does not need to be full of guesswork. Simple as that.  

So much of advertising in the past was full of guessing, and hoping, and some more guessing. Most of this was educational guesses and they were smart efforts, but data has been allowing us to get even more refined in how we target people to the point that the guesswork is simply so small it’s not worth mentioning.

How much has data REALLY changed?

At Data-Dynamix, we’ve been using data to refine our digital advertising for many, many years, and just when you think it can’t get any better, it DOES.  We’ve always focused on quality demographics, behavioral data, and other known factors that can filter the audiences down to a group of people that are likely to purchase. However, in the past couple years, the power of big data has really opened up multiple doors for the advertising world.

What is Big Data?

Big data is a term that describes the large volume of data – both structured and unstructured – that inundates a business on a day-to-day basis. We have so much information at our fingertips today compared to all of previous decades prior that it’s staggering. But, what makes the concept of Big Data so powerful is what you do with all of that information. Most of the time, data has been siloed, meaning that your purchasing history information is often with a credit card company, and your web browsing history is with your internet service provider, and your mobile habits are with your cell carrier.  However, Big Data involves connecting the dots between these different siloes and bringing meaning to them – this, essentially, is the foundation of an Identity Graph which is a database of that stores all identifiers that correlate with individual consumers and processes data from all tools a brand uses creating a single profile for the consumer. So, by matching sets of data, you can see that someone at home searching for a Toyota Tacoma can be served an ad for that specific truck on another device like their cell phone, and they can get emails or even pop up ads as well.

At Data-Dynamix, we have the power to utilize big data between our IP address and Mobile Device IDs, demographic data, and more to connect sets of data and follow specific people around. We are no longer sending digital ads to people just hoping they are in the market for a new truck.  Instead, we send ads to them because we know they are ready to buy a new truck and we know where to go to get in front of them.  Our unique blend of programmatic offerings, surrounded by our proprietary strategy around data gives our clients a single platform for cross-channel and cross-device campaigns. We feel like this is the best-kept secret that we’re shouting from the rooftops.  Why? We want everyone to know that there is a better way to do digital advertising and we’re here to help!