The Power of Location Listening in Advertising

Reaching your customers where they are is key to your business doing well. With our ever increasing mobile society, your customers are on their mobile devices. That is where location listening comes in.

What is Location Listening?

Location listening is a powerful tool to help you advertise and market your business by allowing you to harness the opportunities presented by our mobile society. Each mobile device has a Mobile Ad ID (MAID) assigned to it. As people travel around with GPS-enabled devices, these MAIDs are captured through permission-based apps. 

When you use our location listening services, the relevant data is delivered to you. You can then use this data to serve up meaningful ads to your target audience on a variety of platforms. You can assign what data is relevant to you by location. You can define up to 30 locations that are important to you, including competitor’s locations. opens IMAGE file

Why You Should Be Using Location Listening in Your Advertising

Leveraging data-driven targeting is key to successfully advertising your brand and here’s why.

Micro Geo Targeting

Nobody likes wasting their advertising budget. With traditional advertising, you throw everything you’ve got at the wall to see what sticks. With location listening, you can narrow down your audience to those that really matter. Location listening allows you to micro target by location. Once you have the data in your hands of who has entered your defined locations, you can then serve up meaningful ads to those who are actually interested in your products or services. 



With this data, you can gain a lot of insight into the habits of your customers. Here are some of these insights:

  • View traffic levels at your locations, your competitor’s locations or any location of interest
  • Compare traffic at a location by date, day of the week or even the hour
  • See who visits a location most often
  • Compare your visitors over time by hour, month, quarter and year



Customer engagement is a big part of making a sale and most consumers now expect brands to engage with them online. In fact, many studies have shown that by positively engaging with customers online, you are more likely to increase your sales. Enter remarketing. What is it? Remarketing is the process of targeting those who have already interacted with your business  and it allows you to keep the conversation going with your customers online. In this case, you would use location listening to remarket to those who have entered your store. Beyond that, you can also gain new customers by remarketing to your competitor’s customers. For example, you can serve up an ad giving them a discount at your store to encourage them to visit you instead. 

Advertise Over Multiple Channels

The best approach to increasing sales is to advertise over multiple channels. Location listening allows you to do just that. Once you have data, you can then use it to create custom audiences and serve up ads on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google and more. Showing audiences ads at different times on different platforms is much like a reminder that can help move them closer to a conversion. 

Brand Loyalty

Increasing brand loyalty can improve your sales. Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to increase their engagement with a brand once they are in the store. Location listening allows you to encourage people into or back into your store, giving you the opportunity to build brand loyalty. Go beyond that by serving up offers on mobile devices once a customer enters your store such as loyalty-based offers that can encourage a sale. 


With our mobile society, your brand’s success is impacted by your ability to meet your customers where they are. With location listening, you can interact with your target audience on their mobile devices, allowing you to reach people where they are. This can help build brand loyalty and increase sales all while using your advertising budget wisely!