The Simple Guide to Location Listening for Digital Ads

4 Steps to Better and More Successful Digital Advertising

Location Listening is a powerful tool in your digital advertising tool belt. With our ever increasingly mobile society, being able to reach people where they are is key to your brand’s success. Beyond that, it helps you deliver precisely targeted and more meaningful ads that can drive up sales and in-store visits. 

What is Location Listening

Before we jump into the how, we first need to look at what Location Listening is. Each GPS-enabled mobile device is assigned a Mobile Ad ID, or MAID, which is privacy compliant and does not contain any Personal Identifying Information (PII). These MAIDs are then captured through permission-based apps and the relevant ones are delivered to advertisers 24 hours later who can then use this data to serve up meaningful ads to their target audience on a variety of platforms. 

1 | Subscribe to Our Feed

Start by subscribing to the Data-Dynamix Location Listening feed to receive up-to-date, privacy-compliant device data. All that is needed to get you started is your location name, the full addresses of your location(s), and your desired recipient(s) of your daily feed. 

Our elite targeting capabilities allows you to reach over 95% of US adults. With our service, you’ll get a license to use MAIDs, location targeting zone setup with a daily MAID feed, and 12 months of historical data to get you started! 

2 | Set up Your Locations of Interest

Once you have subscribed, you can then designate an unlimited number of locations of interest. These can be your locations or the locations of your competitors. When a GPS-enabled device intersects with one of these zones, the MAID is delivered in your daily feed 24 hours later. opens IMAGE file

3 | Get Insights

With our feed, you not only get the license to use MAIDs to create more targeted digital ads, but you can also gain insight on the traffic at your locations of interest. By analyzing this data, you can improve your advertising game! With our services, you can:

  • View traffic levels at your locations of interest
  • Compare traffic at any location by date, day of the week, or hour
  • See who visits a location most often
  • Compare visitors over time (hour over hour, day over day, month over month, quarter over quarter and year over year)
  • Compare promotional day traffic to see who is busier

4 | Start Delivering More Meaningful Ads

Our Location Listening services do not include ads or media, but it can help you create your own custom social media audiences or help you place programmatic ads. Once you have your daily feed and have gained insights from that data, you can then use it to inform your advertising over multiple channels in a precise and personalized manner that improves customer experience and sales. This means that you are only showing ads to those most relevant to your brand’s success because you are engaging with warm leads (i.e. consumers who are already interested in your brand or products like yours). 

One form of advertising that can be done with our Location Listening services is remarketing. This is engaging with those who have already shown an interest in your brand (i.e. those who have visited your location). With our services, you can serve up VIP offers to these MAIDs, such as a coupon to use in store or to promote a sale. 

You can also cultivate new customers by targeting those who have visited a competitor’s location. These consumers have already shown an interest in similar products, making them ripe for the picking with strategically placed ads. For example, you can serve up a discount or coupon to a new customer. 

Studies have also shown that advertising informed by Location Listening can also increase brand loyalty, especially among those under 40. By using our services, you can encourage people back into your stores again and again. 

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