The Simple Guide to Location Listening

opens IMAGE file With our increasingly mobile world, Location Listening is a powerful tool in your marketing and advertising tool belt. It allows you to gain daily insight that then helps you deliver precisely targeted and more meaningful ads to your audience, driving sales and even in-store visits. 


What is Location Listening?

Location Listening is a tool for advertisers that allows them to harness the opportunities presented by a mobile society and mobile-oriented consumer behavior. As people travel around with their GPS-enabled mobile devices, Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDS) are captured through permission-based apps. The relevant MAIDs are then delivered to advertisers 24 hours later who then use this data to serve up meaningful ads to their target audience on a variety of platforms of their choosing.


What About Personal Privacy?

Privacy and laws surrounding personal privacy are very important. Our Location Listening services are privacy compliant and consumer Personal Identifying Information (PII) is not disclosed in our data feed. Our service only collects data that users have agreed to share. 


How Does Location Listening Work?

With our Location Listening service, you can view traffic at your locations, your competitor’s locations or any other locations of interest and allow you to define numerous locations. For each of the locations you define, you will receive daily reports containing targetable mobile IDs of devices entering those locations. This data will then allow you to deliver ads in-app and in-browser directly to those devices.


So, what exactly does that mean? Look at it this way: a local coffee shop wants to target people who have visited or been within a 2-mile radius of their store as well as those who have visited a nearby competitor. With the help of MAIDs, the coffee shop can serve up ads online and in-app to exactly those people. They can even serve up different ads to those who visited their competitor over their own store. 


These daily MAIDs reports will also allow you to analyze data to help you improve your advertising game. You can compare traffic by date, day or hour for any of these locations and even view who visits a location most often or compare promotional day traffic to see who is busier. 


Once I Have this Data, Where Can I Advertise?

Our Location Listening services don’t include ads or media, but it can help you to create your own custom social media audiences or help you place programmatic ads. Consumers use multiple apps on their phones and tablets; our data can be used to inform your advertising over multiple channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, email and Google. 


This data allows you to offer up precise and personalized ads to improve consumer experience. This means that you can show ads that are more meaningful to your target audience, rather than annoy people with ads that aren’t relevant.


How Does it Help Increase My Sales?

When you target people who have visited one of your locations, you are keeping the conversation going through remarketing. Customer engagement is a big part of making a sale. In fact, many customers expect brands to engage with them in a positive manner online.


Another way to increase your sales is to get new customers and targeting those who have visited competitors is one way of doing that. By showing those who have visited your competitors’ ads of products or even coupons, promotions and deals, you can let them know there is another business out there that they may like better.  


However, the best approach to improving your sales conversions is to advertise to customers over multiple channels (i.e. email, Facebook, Google, etc.). To do this, simply use your MAIDs data to target a similar audience over multiple channels, showing them ads at different times on different platforms. This helps you move them closer to a close of sale. Think of it as a reminder that shows up as a person browses different apps during the day.


Can it Help with Brand Loyalty?

Yes! Studies have shown that consumers, especially those under 40, are more likely to increase their engagement with brands in-store once there. By using MAIDs, you can encourage people into or back into your stores. And it doesn’t stop there. Once someone shows up in your store, you have the opportunity to serve up offers on their mobile device, such as loyalty-based offers. 



Our increasingly mobile world allows us to shop for groceries, refill prescriptions, purchase and read digital books and so much more right from our mobile phones. Because it is important for advertisers to reach people where they are, Location Listening is that powerful tool that will help improve your advertising strategy by targeting those consumers most meaningful to you to help increase sales and brand loyalty.