Top Tips For Planning Your Back To School Advertising Campaigns

Back to school….Already? Top Tips For Planning Your Back To School Advertising Campaigns

apple-256263_1920opens IMAGE file As spring comes to a close, summer is quickly arriving. You know what that means! It’s that time of year again to start planning ahead. And once summer arrives, it will be over before you  know it. Therefore, it’s important to start thinking about your “back to school” campaigns so you can have them prepared before that hectic first week of school arrives. Make your life easier and get your work done now so that you’re not the one pulling your hair out like all the stressed parents during that first week of school.

1. Plan Ahead

Just like anything, waiting until the last minute doesn’t produce the best results… With campaigns, it’s important to think about your theme, your message and your goals of the campaign so you have plenty of time to create the perfect campaign that successfully reaches the audience. If you put thought into it months in advance, then you have plenty of time to make tweaks without stressing last minute and pulling your hair out.

2. Target Moms Using Filters

When using Facebook advertising, be sure to use filters so that your advertisements are reaching the right audience. Using filters is truly one of the best ways to utilize your Facebook ads. Some of the filters that are available include age, gender, likes and interests. You can use these filters to target moms since they are often the ones doing most of the shopping for their children during that hectic first week of school. Make sure they know about your campaign and what you have to offer.

3. Geo-targeting

Geo-targeting is a fantastic way to reach the target audience. With back to school campaigns, you are likely targeting parents. A good way to reach this audience through  geo-targeting would be to reach parents when they are at school picking up their children in the afternoon. When kids get picked up after the first few days of classes, they have lists and lists of items they need for the school year. Try giving parents a popup offer or discount that they will remember as their child is begging them to go back-to-school shopping.

4. Have a compelling hook/subject line

Don’t be boring! Create a hook line that has people take notice of your brand immediately. People are bombarded with thousands of ads per day – what are you going to do to make yours stand out? Don’t be afraid to think out of the box and go out of your comfort zone. It could pay dividends later on. Remember, people want to be excited. Create something that makes them feel like this.

5. Have a compelling offer

While one of the best ways to gain the audience’s attention is through a compelling hookline, a great way to gain a customer’s business is to give them a deal they can’t pass up. The beginning of the school year is a time when parents are bombarded with buying new clothes, classroom items, backpacks, etc. for the kids. They are spending money left and right so they are looking to save a few bucks wherever they can.