Touchdowns In Digital Advertising

Creating A Winning Advertising Campaign Every Time.

dd-footballopens IMAGE file When creating a winning advertising campaign, it’s no secret that there are many different components involved and multiple things that have to come together. Advertisers that produce extremely successful advertising campaigns often attribute much of their success to a concept that is out-of-the-box, catchy and unforgettable. Good campaigns target customers in an effective way and they link the advertised product with a creative message or theme. It sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. Many companies have tried to do this and have failed.

So what’s the difference between the successful marketers and the unsuccessful ones? Well, in addition to having a memorable idea or a funny tagline, the marketers that succeeded likely had the right tools and the right help to make the campaign as successful as it was. Think of it this way, creating a win (an effective campaign) for your team (your business) doesn’t just require an original idea, it requires multiple players to do their jobs and execute tasks correctly. In other words, creating a winning advertising campaign is lot like playing football.

A Good Coach

The coach would be you, the client! You are responsible for many things such as the research, the decision making, and the team’s leadership. Most importantly, you are responsible for finding the right fit to help your company achieve its advertising goals.


In this case, the quarterback would be the expert such as Data-Dynamix. Data-Dynamix helps clients to execute the bigger picture. They work with their clients to help them achieve their goals. They also have a plethora of resources in digital marketing that can help your business to advertise online. The “quarterback” can help guide your business to create a very effective campaign and see all of the moving parts.

Winning Offense

The offensive strategy for your team would be to have a forward thinking campaign. Make sure whatever campaign that your business produces looks ahead to the future needs of the clients. Try to look into the future and create an image for the company that will positively resonate for years to come.

Strong Defense

The defensive strategy would be to react to the trends and actions of your competitors. Do your research and see the direction that the market is headed. Also, pay attention to your competition and monitor how they are successfully reaching their target market.

Loyal Fans

Lastly, the goal is to create a campaign that will attract loyal fans. These fans will love what you are doing, and how you are doing it. Their loyalty will convert into social media shares and mentions as well as positive word of mouth. This loyalty is essentially love and approval for the campaign your company created. Getting this positive feedback should be the goal!