Use Location Listening For a Solid 2021 Advertising Plan

It’s time to start planning out your advertising goals for the year ahead! But how can you make 2021 better than 2020? By using location listening, you can reach the right people at the right time.

What is Location Listening?

Location listening is the process of using data to geotarget customers and potential customers. Each GPS-enabled mobile device has a Mobile Device ID (MAID) assigned to it and data is collected from that device through permission based apps and assigned to that particular MAID. With our location listening services, you can then serve up meaningful ads to the people you want to target.

Location Listening Capabilities

When you use Data-Dynamix location listening services, you can set up geographic zones that you are interested in. For example, these areas may be the 1-mile radius around your business location and your competitor’s location. You will also get a daily report of Mobile IDs that have entered these geographic zones, enabling you to serve up social in-app ads with the utmost recency and relevancy. For example, you can use location listening to serve up an ad with a coupon to consumers who have been in and around your store, encouraging them to make a purchase or another purchase. opens IMAGE file

With our services, you’ll be able to gain insight into shopping habits of your customers and potential customers. Location listening allows you to: 

  • View traffic levels at any of the geographic locations you have specified.
  • Compare traffic at any location by date, day of the week or even by the hour.
  • View which MAIDs visit a location most often.
  • Compare visitors over time, from hour by hour to year over year. 
  • Compare promotional day traffic to see which locations are the busiest.  

Our location listening services include a license to use MAIDs that is privacy compliant and does not include any personal identifying information about the consumer. You can also set up as many geographic areas as you want and we give you 6 months of historical data to get you started! This data will then allow you to create custom social media audiences and place your own programmatic ads. 

Does Location Listening Work?

Yes! Research shows that most consumers prefer ads tailored to their interests and shopping habits. Not only do consumers prefer personalized and target ads, but these targeted ads also boost engagement. 

Think of it this way. Facebook is a pretty great social platform for advertising. They have the ability to target people based on the interests they may specify on the platform, such as which groups they have become members of or pages they may have liked. However, that only goes so far. Using this form of audience targeting is still a bit like throwing the kitchen sink at the wall. For example, Jane has liked XYZ Big Box Craft Store’s page on Facebook because she likes to scrapbook. If you only use Facebook’s audience targeting to reach people who like crafting, you may be advertising your boutique yarn store to Jane who doesn’t crochet or knit, making your ad irrelevant to her. 

But with location listening, you can reach all the people who have visited your boutique yarn store and your competitor’s boutique yarn store, helping you serve up ads tailored to a person’s particular interests and shopping habits. Samantha, who has been to your competitor’s boutique yarn store is much more likely to appreciate and notice your ad than Jane the scrapbooker. And if Samantha only went to the other boutique yarn store yesterday to peruse, serving her up an ad with a coupon to your store instead may just win you a new customer!


Using location listening can help you serve up relevant and personalized ads to consumers who are more likely to make a purchase at your store. This means that you’ll be able to spend your advertising and marketing budget more wisely and that you’ll get a bigger return on investment, making for a solid 2021 advertising plan.