Video Advertising Basics

Win With Video Advertising

video advertisingopens IMAGE file By 2020, over 80 percent of all digital content we consume is expected to be video. New developments and technologies are making video easier to view, create, and promote.  That’s why Data-Dynamix is discussing incorporating video in digital ad campaigns with our media partners and our clients. We see the power behind this digital media and we know the opportunity that is there when you integrate video with digital ads.

Does my ad have to be a moving video? The most engaging video ads are ones that are clear and concise. You have less than 8 seconds to capture someone’s attention online, so make sure that your video ad gets to the point in an interesting way.

  • Can I target my video ads? Yes, absolutely.  Any digital ad can be targeted to specific demographics, locations, and keywords.  The same strategies that we apply to our filters on email marketing, or on display and banner ads, also apply to video as well.  In fact, you WANT to make sure you are utilizing data filters to properly target your ads and make them most effective. Our client services team can help you narrow your demographics filters to make your digital ads effective and memorable to the right audience.  

Video ads can be extremely targeted, especially when you consider the power of IP ID targeting and utilizing that alongside mobile device ID’s. Most people watch video content on the go, which means they’re using their mobile device. Powering the wealth of data capabilities with IP targeting alongside an engaging video helps you get even more return on investment for your ads.

  1. Can I say more with video ads? Video ads give you more flexibility and more options than a more static display or banner ad, but that doesn’t mean that you need to add a ton of extra content.  As with any advertising, you need to know your focus. That focus and message should be crystal clear to a viewer, whether that is a graphic pop up ad, or an interactive video ad.  While video may give you more “time” while a viewer is watching the ad, you don’t want to say too many things and end up confusing your audience. Keep your focus simple and clear and you will succeed!

  2. What kind of video script should we write? The best performing ads we’ve seen are often educational or inspiring in nature.  They tug at the heart strings of the viewers, or they provide some new information that is helpful to the viewer – there is an added value to spend the time watching the ad.  When you provide this kind of value to your viewers, they will stay longer on ads, click through to your website more, and ultimately convert on a more loyal level. It is well worth the time spent creating a compelling message with video ads!

  3. Should I make two different video ads? When you are getting started running video ads, you may consider A/B testing.  By splitting the ad spend in two directions, you effectively test out to see what message or what audience performs better.  This then helps you make smart decisions when developing video content in the future.

Video is the future of digital content, and for advertisers who want to stay relevant with their customers, video is the way to go. If you’d like to know more about how to make sure your video ads reach the exact right people, and utilize one of the most robust Identity Graphs in the market our team would love to share what we know works.