Ways To Sabotage Your Campaign…The Complete Guide.

Are You Sabotaging Your Email Campaign?

We spell it out for you.  Look no further than our complete guide to utterly failing at your next email marketing campaign!

DD Blog 9.24.15opens IMAGE file Step 1:  Wait Til The Last Minute.  This is a surefire way to ensure that your email campaign has no consistency whatsoever.  Be confident that you’ll have typos and formatting issues.  An added bonus is that you’ll get a lot less sleep as you’re working on this, and you’ll end up paying a lot more for a rush job by your contractors!

Step 2:  Hire Your 13 Year Old Son To Make Your Graphics.  After all, they know computers so much better than you.  The best part about hiring a preteen to do your graphics is that they won’t pay attention to color cohesiveness, fonts, alignment or anything else.  Oh, and they’ll probably not understand how to export your images for use in an html email, so you’ll have to do extra research online and end up spending ten times as long building your graphics compared to hiring a graphic designer.

Step 3:  Creating A Dinky Deal.  Sweet!! You figured out how to build a deal to send out to customers, and still make a huuuuuuge profit off of them.  Only sad part is that you find out later that you spent more on the email blast in the first place than claimed offers because customers saw right through you and never purchased.

Step 4:  Slap Together A Subject Line. The subject line?  What subject line?  It’s really not that  important, right?

Step 5:  Point customers to your website home page.  They can figure out where you put the specifics of your sale or offer from looking through your menus on your website.  You don’t need to spell it out for them; people are smart these days.

Step 6:  Send your email out to as many people as possible in your area.  Consumers pay attention to all of the advertising they get sent.

Okay, okay…hopefully you caught on to our extreme sarcasm here.  The reality is that you really need to focus on these steps instead to having a successful email campaign:

  1. Plan Ahead.
  2. Hire professionals with experience in graphics, copywriting, and ad planning.
  3. Craft killer deals that no one can resist.
  4. The subject line is perhaps one of your most important pieces of you campaign.  Give it the attention it deserves.
  5. Build a proper landing page to direct customers to.
  6. Target your email to the people most likely to be interested or take action.  Don’t waste money sending ads to people who don’t care about your product/service.

You may be sabotaging your email campaigns without even knowing it.  Email is the most effective digital marketing technique available today, and has stayed consistently strong for many, many years.  However, we still see many people failing at email marketing and frankly, it’s their own fault!  The good news is that you don’t have to make the same mistakes. Learn from these pitfalls and your email campaign can bring your business more exposure and growth than you ever thought possible!