Ways To Take Advantage of Columbus Day Weekend

Advertise For Columbus Day Weekend

Advertise For Columbus Day Weekendopens IMAGE file While we may disagree on if Columbus really deserves his holiday, we think everyone will agree that the three-day weekend is welcomed!  In the world of business, a three-day weekend often means a huge opportunity for sales as well!  Three day weekends are fabulous to hit the weekend warriors who only have time to think about large purchases or projects on the weekends.  That extra day makes it even easier to think about these shopping decisions.  That’s why smart business owners will take advantage of this holiday that comes around here in early fall to help give themselves a little boost before you head into the holiday season.

But how do you maximize your efforts on a smaller holiday weekend?  Consider this…

  1. Plan A Killer Deal That Customers Can’t Refuse.  Consumers hate a flimsy offer.  Hate to say it but 10% off sounds almost like nothing to most consumers.  If you’re selling a car, 10% off could be a huge amount of money, but the way the consumer perceives it is that you are offering them pennies in that offer.  Instead, design an offer that truly makes the consumer feel like they’ve been gifted something valuable, and then work with a skilled copywriter to make that offer sound even more appealing.   For example, $500 cash back may be a better sounding deal than 10% off.
  2. Plan Ahead.  There’s nothing worse than watching an opportunity slip through your fingers.  That’s why we encourage businesses to plan at least a few weeks in advance on any digital or email advertising.  Why?  There’s so much that goes into a digital ad from the offer, the written wording, the graphics, the audience targeting, the timing and more.  It simply doesn’t happen at the last minute, and it definitely never works well when you procrastinate.  When you plan ahead, you can advertise, knowing that you are maximizing your advertising budget in the smartest, most strategic way possible.
  3. Appeal To Pain Points.  In our busy world, the weekends are often the best time for many to think about purchases that they’ve been meaning to do for a long time.  If you can put your ad strategically in front of the right audience and connect your product with solving a paint point for the consumer, you have a clear win!
  4. Build Your Brand.  Whether people actually purchase during your holiday weekend sale promotion, or not, you have a huge opportunity to get brand exposure.  Consumers ARE paying attention to the best deals they can get during this timeframe.  Perhaps they aren’t quite ready to take advantage of your killer deal, but they end up coming back a month later or for a future killer sale you offer.  Every encounter a consumer has with your brand is helping to build your brand reputation.  Remember this!
  5. Have A Call To Action.  Every good digital ad should include a call to action.  Make it simple, concise, and clear so that the consumer has no issues moving forward.  However, if you make it difficult with too many steps, confusing links, or incongruous language, customers will leave in search of something more straightforward.

Columbus Day is a great holiday weekend for a few key industries.  Car dealerships do great during this weekend because many of the upcoming year’s models are available or will be available for pre-sale.  Furniture stores also do really well during this weekend as many consumers prefer to buy furniture during the nicer weather.  As opposed to spring (when people are thinking about their yard), people start to think about the interiors of their home.