What Can IP/ID Attribution Allow You To Do?

IP/ID Attribution Capabilities

Why are more and more people ditching the billboards and magazine articles and diving into digital?  Why are more and more people talking about data? Well, let’s start out with just a big of logic here.  We know that digital advertising allows us to reach specific people in specific places and then find other people just like them to send ads to as well.  The older way of putting up a billboard and hoping the right person drives by is gone. Instead, we can get hyper targeted, to the point where we can know and attribute specific labels to customers and track them to where they started engaging with the brand.  This type of IP Address and Mobile Device ID (IP/ID) attribution can make us not only smart advertisers, but BRILLIANT advertisers!

What Worked Then Doesn’t Need To Be Done Now

Historically, one of the big challenges with digital advertising has been a lack of refinement in attribution.  While we can track a lot with data and digital methods, following the trail all the way through the process has proven difficult.  Until now. With IP/ID attribution we align IP Addresses and Mobile Device IDs to each consumer persona that allows us to review them throughout the marketing process.  This allows us to prove performance across the planned targeting profile that drives the media impressions and click-throughs matching them up against sales or leads to show how campaigns influence our customers’ businesses.  

Deterministic Data

We’re working with PII-protected deterministic data when we create and design campaigns.  Previously, we worked with probabilistic data taking a guess at what the consumer looks like versus who we know they are, now.  Smart deterministic targeting tied to the consumers’ IP/ID provides stronger results and allows for data-driven attribution. Are you relying only on Google Analytics to review success online?  Are you relying on third party tracking cookies to measure success? Can you tie those cookie-based tracking mechanisms to offline sales? The answer is simply, no. It’s time to deploy IP/ID-driven attribution across your online media.

What does this allow us to do?  

IP/ID attribution allows you to understand exactly what media in your in plan is influencing and driving sales and leads.  IP attribution is a significant tool not only for current ad campaigns, but also for future campaigns and strategies you run.  Now that you know exactly who is purchasing, you can get even smarter in the future about determining who will be a future purchaser.  The data you can gather is incredibly rich and full of infinite possibilities. Ultimately, you as the advertiser are able to make smart decisions about how to spend your media budget.

At Data-Dynamix, we are focused on providing the very best options for our clients and partners.  We believe that if there are tools and data at your disposal to make you a smarter, more efficient, and ultimately more effective advertiser, you should use them!  There’s no excuse for guessing anymore and it can pay off big-time to help you scale and grow your business!