What's Coming in 2018: The Digital Marketing Trends in Your Future

What’s coming in 2018:  Top digital marketing trends to watch for in 2018


Have you joined the digital marketing revolution? If so, then you know it’s constantly changing and evolving. Each year is different and brings something entirely new. It’s important to stay with the times because user needs are ever-evolving and consumers are always ready for the next best thing. If you haven’t yet hopped on board the digital marketing train, the time to do so is now. It’s not going to wait for you any longer! Digital is taking over unlike ever before!


Video marketing

When you scroll through Facebook, what do you see? Videos, videos and more videos. Short videos have taken over the platform, and have become increasingly popular in other areas, as well. When it comes to social media marketing, users expect to see videos. It doesn’t matter if they are funny, silly, emotional, or informational, viewers are watching countless short videos and many of them have become viral. As a marketer, it’s important that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to put your story out there. Users are hungry for this type of content and eat it up. The window of opportunity here; don’t let it pass you by!


(AI) Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence stands to alter digital marketing as we know it. AI is now responsible for completing tasks in a smarter and more efficient way than humans do. As a result, search engine marketing, content marketing and PPC will all change from how we currently know them. AI is finding new and improved ways to serve people with the kind of content they are looking for.


Ephemeral content

Available for a limited time, ephemeral content is there and gone before you know it. Many social platforms, such as SnapChat and Instagram, have implemented this type of content and it has attracted the attention of many users. Because the content only appears for a short time, users develop an urgent mentality. Often available in video streaming or short video clips, users are determined to stay active on the social platforms to catch all the exciting ephemeral content when it happens so they don’t miss out!



A form of ephemeral content, livestream has grown in popularity. Users love to document their favorite moments. In the past, this has been done through photos and through an app called “Boomerang” that documents a short video image that’s a few seconds long. Livestream takes it one step further and allows users to actually document memories in video format without having to film on a device and use a great deal of memory.


People-Based Marketing

Geolocation allows us to pinpoint our customers much more effectively than ever before.  Combine that with IP addresses and buying trends, and you have trustworthy data to base your marketing upon.  This concept is called people-based marketing and it is only going to grow in 2018 to truly personalize the shopping experience!


In addition to the four listed above, there are many new trends that will change digital marketing as we know it in 2018. A large part of being in this space is remaining adaptable and ready for what’s coming next! Keep learning and stay flexible so you can utilize the new tools that will become available in the next year!