When Was Your Last Oil Change On Your Marketing?

DD 8.31.15 blogopens IMAGE file We all know that our cars need those regular oil changes and tune ups to keep it them running for thousands of miles.  Can you imagine never getting your car’s oil changed?  It’s impossible to consider doing that to your car because we know that your engine will start to overheat and combust.  In a manner of speaking, your digital marketing strategies are the same way.  If you’re not doing regular check ups and tuning, your digital marketing machine is only going to do so much before it is ineffective.

Don’t Set It & Forget It

Just because you can do a lot with automation and digital tools, that doesn’t mean that you can just set those tools and then forget about them.  You need to regularly check in with these tools and automations to make sure they are still relevant and effective.  Also, glitches can happen, and what you thought was running smoothly, has a broken link and hasn’t been running at all!  Regular tune ups will help you recognize any problems that your automation may have.

What Does A Tune Up Look Like?

Staying With The Times

Digital marketing is changing at light speed it seems!  If you aren’t regularly tuning your digital marketing machine, you are potentially becoming outdated without even realizing it.  In order to stay relevant, you need to have regular check points.  Look at what is trending.  Look at what is new and what different opportunities you may have now that previously were not an option.

Looking At Your Machine’s Needs

Every tune up for your vehicle is based on the age and model of your specific vehicle.  However, a good tune up will also take a look at the overall health of your car.  If you are a heavy off-roader, your model of car may look drastically different than someone who uses their car in the city.  The same is true with digital marketing.  You need to look at some similar baseline metrics, but then also take a look at YOUR specific situation.  You may need to refocus in different areas than other businesses or even similar competitors.

Looking At The Numbers

Just as your odometer tells you when you need an oil change, there are certain numbers that digital marketers look at to determine what might need to be done.  For example, we like to look at open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, website clicks and unsubscribes when we’re looking at email marketing strategies.  However, social media discussions involve a completely different set of phrases like follows, reach, and engagement.  Ultimately, you need to be looking at the stats, regardless of what those stats are.  If you aren’t looking at the numbers, you can’t make educated marketing decisions from them.

At Data-Dynamix, we’ve been talking about this digital marketing machine concept a lot lately.  We truly believe that your digital marketing can take your business to the next level.  However, just as any machine or engine needs regular checkups, so too, your digital marketing machine needs a regular check in to make sure it’s working properly.  When it is, your digital marketing can continue to work FOR YOU, rather than you doing all of the work.