Why IP Address and Mobile ID Targeting Is Ideal Alongside Direct Mail Campaigns

Why IP Address and Mobile ID Targeting Is Ideal For Marketing

IP address and Mobile ID Targetingopens IMAGE file In advertising, we are always trying to connect with people in a unique and attention-grabbing manner – and via multiple forms of media at that.  Some ads are designed around shock and awe, while others appeal to the emotions, but the key is that they are meant to make an impression.  In today’s digital world, one of the best ways to make an impression is by doing something a little more traditional. So much of what we get in terms of advertising comes from a screen (devices, social media, Internet, even TV).  However, print materials with direct mail marketing can have a great impact because they simply aren’t used as often. 

Slam dunk, right?  Wrong. The problem is that most marketers have used direct mail as a solo or stand-alone tactic which is completely wrong. The reality is that just because there’s an opportunity for direct mail you still need to be strategic and smart with how you execute it.  That’s where using IP address and Mobile ID targeting comes into play and why they can be so vital to your direct mail campaigns.

What is IP address and Mobile ID Targeting Marketing?

IP and ID marketing is an innovative way to use data to understand what a specific household is interested in.  With real-time behavioral data that’s been graphed to align with a specific persona (or individual consumer) we can use various identifiers to track and connect consumer behavior to a specific IP address. This IP address is tied to a physical location to ensure geo-targeting is accurate. So, by tracking IP addresses, and then correlating identifiers of an MAID account (mobile advertising ID) connected to that IP address, we can then connect that to the physical location associated with that IP address!  Sound complicated?  Perhaps just a little bit but we’ve already performed the heavy lifting!

Anyway, we can also use this information to make connections to other data sets that open up infinite possibilities with digital advertising, but more on that over HERE.)

Light Bulb Moment: Ability to Connect With Physical Addresses

If we’re able to connect data sets and link them with physical locations, we have opened the door for GREAT possibilities for direct mail marketing and then reinforcing that initial exposure by targeting with data.  You no longer have to simply send thousands of postcards out and hope that you hit the right households. You can send postcards specific to people that have proven interest in what you’re offering and we’ve enhanced it with the Internet activity and behavior based on that specific IP address.

IP address and Mobile ID targeting is a huge opportunity for anyone wanting to use data in a smart way to grow their business.  It unlocks so many possibilities as you think through digital advertising. But, it also unlocks the obvious parallel with print mail and direct marketing.  If you aren’t using IP ID targeting for your direct mail strategy, you are missing out on amazing opportunities!