Why is Location Listening Helpful for Brick and Mortar Locations

Why Physical Stores Need Digital Marketing Solutions

Location Listening is a great tool to have in your digital marketing and advertising toolbox. But what is Location Listening and why is this digital-based service so wonderful for brick and mortar stores? Does it really help get people to your physical location? Let’s take a look.

What is Location Listening?

With our Location Listening services, you are able to define up to 30 geographic zones that are important to you. This can be your brick and mortar store’s physical location as well as any competitor’s locations. Once you have set up these geofences, you are then provided a daily report of Mobile Device IDs (MAIDs) that have intersected with those zones. These MAIDs then allow advertisers to deliver in-app and browser campaigns directly to those devices.opens IMAGE file

Our Location Listening services include a license to use MAIDs (that don’t include any personal identifying information), location targeting zone setup with a daily MAID feed, plus 6 months of historical data to get you started! Once you have some data, you can then use it to create custom audiences and target consumers who have visited your locations of interest with digital advertising. 

What Insight Does Location Listening Give my Brand?

With Location Listening, you can gain in-depth insight into your customers and potential customers. Some of those insights include:

  • Understanding the traffic levels at your locations, your competitor’s locations and any other locations of interest with the ability to compare traffic by date, day, week or hour
  • Knowing who visits a location most often
  • Ability to understand visitor habits over time (by hour, day, month, quarter and year)
  • Finding out who is busier by comparing promotional day traffic


Why is Location Listening Helpful for Brick and Mortar Locations?

What makes Location Listening so great for brick and mortar stores is the ability to target customers and potential customers in a timely manner. With our daily list, you can reach consumers who have physically visited your defined zones as recently as the day before! But just how does this help get people back into your store or your competitor’s store after they have already been there? 

Location Listening can really help with your remarketing efforts. Remarketing is the process of targeting those who have already interacted with your business. By positively engaging with these people online, you are more likely to increase future sales, turning these customers into loyal ones! This is because you are keeping a positive conversation going on the digital side of your marketing efforts, reminding your customers of your brand. 

You can also remarket to a competitor’s customers. One way to do this is by showing them an ad with a coupon for your store to encourage them to visit you next time. Once they are at your location, you can remarket again to turn them into a loyal customer! 

Remarketing works because the content is timely and because these consumers are warm leads, meaning they are already interested in what your brand has to offer, making them more likely to make a future purchase. By delivering up content that matters to them, you will see a bigger return on investment (ROI). How do we know this? Because research shows that consumers prefer ads tailored to their interests and shopping habits. Plus, personalized and targeted ads are better at boosting engagement. 


With our mobile society, it is key that brick and mortar locations utilize every tool available to them to get consumers back into their stores. And with Location Listening, you can do just that.

Are you ready to make this year a great year for sales? Then contact us today to learn more about what our advanced digital marketing capabilities can do for your business!