How will Artificial Intelligence Change Digital Marketing?

How will Artificial Intelligence Change Digital Marketing (And how it already is!)


According to Single Grain, “Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with building intelligent machines that can think and respond like humans.” Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the world as we know it and is driving the digital marketing transformation. AI takes data, learns from it, and helps marketers make smarter, timely and more efficient decisions. With the massive amount of data available online, there are many ways for AI to help marketers optimize their efforts to most effectively reach their desired audience. Successful marketing takes a great deal of research. Through AI, the world has become smarter and marketers are able to access useful information and make informed decisions at the touch of a button.


Here are a few ways AI is changing digital marketing!


  1. The forecasting of customer behavior

Machine learning is the ability of AI machines to scan large amounts of data available on the internet and learn from it. It uses this information to help marketers understand more about what their customers are looking for. This allows marketers to create better advertisements that will reach customers based on data that scans their past actions and predicts what they will be looking for in the future. This information is extremely useful and marketing campaigns can be based on it.

  1. The utilization of chat bots

Thanks to more data and AI, chatbots have become smarter and are now being implemented as an alternative to the traditional customer service rep. They can be used 24/7 and don’t have some of the negative characteristics of a poor customer service agent. Not only does the bot’s demeanor remain patient, calm, cool and collected, a bot is also able to handle more customers at a time than the average human. Bots are programmed so that they don’t forget information and they can deal with multiple requests at once. Chatbots have become increasingly common on websites and will continue to improve as they learn from themselves.

  1. The targeting of specific demographics

As mentioned above, data is available everywhere and is now being processed and turned into insights that will help marketers make more educated decisions. This information has made it possible for marketers to target certain demographics with various likes, needs and wants. Marketers can personalize their efforts to reach consumers in a more effective way by serving different advertisements to specific people. Demographic studies are insightful resources that lead to better marketing decisions and better results. Not all consumers are the same and should not be treated as such!


As the world is changing, marketing is changing too. Information is more accessible and so is the opportunity to reach consumers. The ability to make smarter marketing decisions is here so take the time to use the tools in front of you and implement a strategic marketing plan. The world is one size fits all and AI allows each person to be served differently based on their specific needs and interests.