Geo-Based Ads: How Location Listening Can Enhance Your Strategy

The Power of Using Geo-Targeting in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Location Listening is a powerful tool that allows you to micro-target your audience based on location, behaviors, habits and interests. We can learn a lot about a consumer just by knowing the places they frequent. For example, Sarah likes to go to the gym near her apartment twice a week, grabs coffee from a shop near her office every weekday morning, goes to the movies twice a month and likes to do her grocery shopping at the nearby natural grocery store once every two weeks. From this information, we can gather that Sarah likes to live a relatively healthy lifestyle, needs a convenient morning caffeine fix and likes movies and entertainment.opens IMAGE file


This type of information isn’t always something you can get from cookies or pixels that only track people online. Location Listening allows you to set up geographic zones of interest (such as your business and your competitor’s business locations) and when a GPS-enabled mobile device intersects with that zone, you are sent the privacy-compliant data in a daily report. This additional information then allows you to micro-target by creating a hyper-customized audience for your digital ad campaigns. Here are some of our favorite ways that you can use Location Listening to enhance your digital marketing strategy. 


Adjust Ads to Prioritize Better Locations

With Location Listening, you can adjust your ads to prioritize better locations. Because you know what locations are important to you, you can then adjust your ads to show to people within a certain mile radius of those locations of interest. For example, you can prioritize a 2-mile radius around your competitor’s location and serve up an ad with a discount for your store to people who are within that area. Or you can serve up ads to those who recently visited your store, showing them your latest deal or sale to get them back into your store.


Using Consumer Behavior and Preference

Let’s take a look again at our example at the start of this article. By understanding the locations Sarah visited in the past and those she visits regularly, we are able to analyze her behavior and preferences. Now you don’t need to get all the location data from Sarah by following her Mobile ID around all day to gather insights. Rather, when you set up geographic zones of interest through Location Listening, you’ll be able to find the consumers whose preferences and behaviors match your target audience. Once you have those mobile IDs (MAIDs), you can then create hyper-customized audiences in your digital marketing campaigns to reach those warm leads. 


In fact, our Location Listening service even allows you to see who visits a location most often. You can then use this information to create an even more micro-targeted group of VIPs. For example, you can serve up specific ads to these Mobile IDs with VIP offers, like special discounts or promotions that will get these consumers back into your store again.


Targeting Geographic Events

There are geographic-specific events, such as local celebrations or fairs and even weather events, that are ripe for targeting. First, let’s take a look at how you can target a local celebration or fair. If you are a local artisan showcasing your pottery at your town’s annual art festival, you can use Location Listening to set up the location of the art festival as a geographic zone of interest. Once you have collected the Mobile ID data from that location during the 3-day art festival, you can then use that data to serve ads about your ceramic pottery to those who went to the fair. It is a good way to remind people of your business especially since there are often people who regret not making a purchase while at the fair. Another example of this type of advertising would be to target people who attended a recent football game with ads for the local team’s fan gear at your sporting goods store. 


The second type of geographic event is weather related. Let’s say your town has a snow storm warning. As a local hardware store, you can geo-target those near your store, serving ads for snow shovels and ice melt. But with Location Listening, you can also target people who have recently been to your competitor’s location serving an ad with a coupon code for a discount on snow shovels. 



Location Listening enhances your marketing and advertising strategy by giving you the ability to use sophisticated, data-driven targeting that really provides insight into your target audience’s behavior and preferences. It allows you to micro-target new leads as well as remarket loyal customers. All of this means that you get a bigger return on investment and that you won’t end up wasting your advertising budget on leads that won’t go anywhere. 

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