How can Location Listening help Brick and Mortar Locations Rebound from the Pandemic?

Using Data-Driven Targeting to Get Customers Back in the Door Post-Pandemic

We know this past year has been very difficult for brick and mortar locations. The pandemic changed so much about our lives and it really affected businesses but with the vaccine rollout in full swing, it’s time to think about how your brand will rebound from this tough past year. 

 What is Location Listening?

Location Listening is a service that allows you to gain daily insight on your and your competitor’s customers. How is that possible? When you subscribe to this service, you cite geographic locations of interest (such as your location or your competitor’s location). Then GPS-enabled devices, such as a smartphone, intersect with one of these locations of interest; the privacy compliant data associated with this device is delivered to your feed and you can then take this data to reach consumers online! 


Not only do you receive data on which devices have visited a specific location, but you also get plenty of insights from this data as well. These insights include:

  • Traffic levels at your locations of interest.
  • Who visits a location most often.
  • The ability to compare traffic at any location by date, day of the week or by the hour.
  • The ability to compare visitors over time (by hour, day, month, quarter or year).
  • Comparing promotional day traffic to see which location is busier.


When you sign up for this service you receive a license to use Mobile Device IDs (MAIDs), location targeting zone setup with a daily feed to a data visualization report and 12 months of historical data to get you started.opens IMAGE file

Why Brick and Mortar Needs Digital Marketing

Having a physical store may prompt questions as to if digital marketing is needed but the answer is simple: your customers are online and having the ability to reach them where they review similar services is pivotal to your business’ success. Our society is increasingly becoming more mobile and Location Listening allows you to harness opportunities presented by our mobile society. Not only has our society become increasingly more mobile pre-pandemic but the pandemic forced us all online more often as a result. This means your customers are spending even more time online, giving you more opportunities to reach them.

 How can it Help my Business Rebound?

Some may wonder how a service that relies on people visiting a physical location can help your business rebound from a time of decreased in-location shopping. However, with 12 months of historical data, or more if you have been using this service for longer, you can use that data to help entice past customers back into your store.

 Because you are reaching people who have already shown an interest in what your business has to offer, the Mobile Ad ID data represents warm leads. This means they have a higher conversion rate than someone who has never visited your location or a competitor’s location; and when one of these customers has a positive interaction with your brand online sales will most likely increase. This form of marketing is often referred to as remarketing. 

Our Favorite Ideas to Help Your Business Rebound Post-Pandemic

To help you get consumers back in your physical locations, here are a few of our favorite ideas.

 Let Customers Know You are Open for Business

Sometimes a general reminder to all your past customers is helpful. Not everyone is paying attention to which businesses have reopened or which businesses have increased their hours. Create an ad using your relevant MAIDs letting people know you are open for business. 

 Entice Past Customers with Social Media Ads

Review your historical data and see who visited your location pre-pandemic or early in the pandemic but hasn’t visited you recently. Create a custom audience on your social media advertising platform to reach these consumers and entice them back to your location. Some ideas include offering up a coupon, advertising a sale, or promoting a new product or service. 

VIP Treatment

For those who have already visited your location more recently, give them the VIP treatment! Create a custom audience to serve an ad with a special discount code to encourage recent visitors to your location to come back in for even more!

 Get them to Make the Switch

Create a custom audience for MAIDs that have visited your competitor’s locations as a way to entice these consumers into your business. Try offering a discount or promoting something your business offers that your competitors don’t have. This will help your business to not only rebound but help increase the customer base and brand loyalty from pre-pandemic levels. 

 Get Set Up Today

Are you ready to reach more customers through data-driven targeting? Subscribe to Location Listening today to increase your sales and brand loyalty. With 12 months of historical data included, you’ll be able to start serving up more meaningful ads today!