How To Do Data Driven Targeting The Easy Way

When you are marketing and advertising your brand, it is important to reach the right people. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting your budget. To reach the right people, you need to use data driven targeting.  

What is Data Driven Targeting?

According to Pew Research, 95% of Americans own a cell phone and around 50% own a tablet. All these mobile phones and tablets collect privacy-compliant data which you can then leverage by delivering content directly to the mobile devices of the targets you choose. This form of data driven targeting means that an ad will be served up to a device regardless if the person is on an app or browsing the web.opens IMAGE file

 Getting this data and implementing it on your own can be complicated. However, Data-Dynamix makes it easy with our privacy-compliant targeting technology! Let’s take a closer look at the two ways we allow advertisers to easily reach their target audience in a digital world. 

 Mobile Geofencing

These types of programmatic campaigns deliver ads only to devices within certain coordinates, or “geofences,” that you designate. This approach is highly effective for advertisers because these consumers are active and engaged, meaning that they are more likely to convert.

 For example, you can deliver content to visitors at a certain event, when they enter a store location or even when they enter a competitor’s store. Some of the best content to serve up at mobile locations is coupons, loyalty offers and ads about sales. With our targeting technology, it is easy to set up your mobile geofencing as well as schedule and track the performance of your ads. 

 Household Targeting

Besides setting up mobile locations that are important to you (such as your store), Data-Dynamix also allows you to reach the households of your target audience, just like you would with direct mail. This type of advertising is great for increased impressions and clicks, generally, but is a perfect fit for brand awareness campaigns. In fact, campaigns driven by our data average nearly three times more click through rates than typical display campaigns. 

 Targeting by household allows you to reach targets spanning a multitude of demographics and interests across the country. Plus, our data experts have over two decades of experience providing postal direct marketing services, allowing us to help you build the perfect list for any advertising campaign. You can then go a step further with cross-channel marketing by reaching customers digitally based on your own mailing lists. 

Here is what we enable advertisers to do with our household targeting technology:

  •       Craft a list of postal addresses using demographic data
  •       Analyze response rates to measure how effective your campaign is
  •       Obtain access to premium list subscriptions for your mail house
  •       Provide direct mail retargeting to email openers and clickers
  •       Implement complex cross-channel marketing solutions 


Data-Dynamix makes it easy to reach your marketing and advertising goals with our data-driven technology allowing you to target consumers digitally whether they are on the go or at home. We can help you create and deploy custom campaigns that reach your target audience in a meaningful way.