Holiday Advertising Trends to Make This Year Great

opens IMAGE file The holiday season is one of the most profitable times for businesses all year long. With the convenience of online shopping, advertising to consumers online is a great way to take advantage of this high-spend season. 

Now is the best time to start planning your holiday advertising strategy so that you aren’t scrambling at the last minute. From Facebook ads to email blasts, you’ll want to make sure you are targeting and retargeting your audience to encourage as many sales conversions as possible. To help get you started, here are our favorite holiday advertising trends to make this year a great year for your business.

Location Listening

Location Listening is a great tool for advertisers and will help you in all of your advertising pursuits, especially during the holiday season. It allows you to target consumers in a timely manner directly on their mobile devices, serving up ads that are most meaningful to them. How does it work? Each GPS-enabled device is assigned an ID, called a Mobile Ad ID (MAID). When you sign up for our Location Listening service, you choose locations that are most meaningful to you – then the MAID data is sent to you 24 hours later. For example, if Susie visits your store you will get her mobile ID so you can serve up a meaningful ad to her later as she browses the web or a social media platform. This form of retargeting is precise, keeping the conversation going with your customers and encouraging a higher rate of sales conversions. 


Now that you understand the importance of Location Listening within your larger advertising strategy, here are some other great holiday advertising trends to help you utilize that data to the fullest extent possible. 


Promote Specific Products

Use your advertising to showcase specific products. These could be popular items in your online store or festive items (think ugly Christmas sweaters or Hanukkah gelt). Suggesting products to consumers, rather than just promoting your online store, helps to increase conversions. This is because consumers still rely on visual exposure and engage with visually stimulating content.  Be sure that all of your product images are professional and eye catching for optimal results.


Make Your Social Media Ads Shoppable

It’s all about convenience during the busy holiday season, so make your ads shoppable. Instagram and Facebook are great online platforms to create shoppable ad posts. This will allow you to embed links directly to products you are advertising within the ad, making it easy for consumers to purchase exactly what you have served up to them in an ad.


Market and Remarket with Google Ads

Google is the place consumers go when searching for a product or service they wish to buy. These consumers are already in the buying phase, so reaching them is key to upping your sales conversions. Not only can you use Location Listening to serve up remarketing ads to potential customers, but you can also utilize your Google Analytics data. Pay attention to users’ search behavior to inform your keywords and long-tail keywords to ensure your ads are getting seen by those searching for what you have to offer them. 


Instagram Stories is Highly Popular

Instagram is rising in popularity, but a majority of users spend most of their time in Stories rather than their newsfeed. Stories also get more engagement than other formats. This full-screen experience allows a user to be fully immersed in what you are serving up. Include a swipe function that allows for a link and consumers can go directly to the product you are advertising in your Story ad. With the option to save Stories as highlights, you can create a single place to advertise an entire collection of products, like a special holiday line. 


Online shopping gets more and more popular each year as younger generations become consumers. Taking advantage of Location Listening to serve up targeted and meaningful ads is the perfect way to reach all those online holiday shoppers.