The Best Secret Weapon for Advertisers This Year: Location Listening

Using Advanced Digital Marketing Solutions to Micro-Target Your Ideal Audience

Comprehensive data gives advertisers the ability to micro-target consumers, giving them the most bang for their advertising buck. But just how do you get the most comprehensive data? This data is more than just cookies on a web browser or a pixel code in your website. This type of data comes from the best secret weapon an advertiser can have in their toolbelt: Location Listening.

 What is Location Listening?

In this ever increasingly mobile society, it is important to reach customers where they are. Location Listening is a powerful tool because it allows you to do just that. It works through GPS-enabled apps. Each GPS-enabled mobile device is assigned a Mobile ID (MAID) and with our Location Listening services, you can set up geographic regions that are important to you, such as your business location and your competitor’s locations. Then each day we provide a daily report of all MAIDs that have intersected with those geographic zones. 

 Our services are privacy compliant and give you license to use the Mobile Device IDs and we even provide 12 months of historical data to get you started!

 Comprehensive Data and Insight

This data allows you to gain insight into the behaviors of your customers and potential customers, including being able to nurture new leads. Here are the insights you can get with our Location Listening services:

  • Traffic levels at your geographic zones of interest
  • Ability to compare traffic at chosen locations by month, week, day, or even hour
  • Understand who visits a location most often
  • Compare visitors over time (from hour over hour all the way to year over year)
  • Ability to compare promotional day traffic to see what location is busiest

 Once you have all this data and insight you can then take that information to create custom audiences for your marketing needs including on social media and through email. 

 Micro-Targeting Your Audience Where They Are

Because our data provides such insight into the behavior of consumers you are interested in, it allows you to micro-target through hyper-customized audience settings. Not only that, but it allows you to reach your audience of interest where they are – online!

 Beyond the ability to micro-target online, this data provides behavioral insight which can then be applied to create customized ads that your audience will be interested in. For example, you want to run an ad on Facebook for your floral shop about your wedding floral arrangement services. With our Location Listening services you can set up geographic zones of interest around nearby wedding dress boutiques, where brides will be going to shop for their wedding dress. You can then use the Mobile ID data you receive from our feeds to serve customized ads to brides-to-be about your wedding floral arrangement services. If you weren’t using Location Listening services, you’d be limited to the audience settings Facebook gives you: choosing all unmarried women of a certain age within a 45-mile radius. And while you can choose to target people based on interests and hobbies, it is much more effective to micro-target brides who are actively working on planning for their big day based on the high-level of recency.


With the challenges that 2020 brought to business owners across the country, it is more important than ever to spend your advertising budget wisely. With Location Listening you can gain comprehensive data and insight to micro-target your audience online, ensuring that you maximize the return on your investment. 

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