Using Retargeting Ads for a Successful Ad Campaign

A Beginner’s Guide to Remarketing

Retargeting is a key part of any advertising campaign. Without it, you’ll lose out on a lot of potential customers or see low brand loyalty. Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a way of grabbing consumers’ attention by giving them a personalized sales pitch. Engaging with consumers in this positive way makes it much more likely that they will make a purchase or come back to your store again and again. 

Using Cookies to Retarget Online Shoppers

The most common form of remarketing is done by targeting online visitors to your site. For example, say Sarah was browsing your online store for some new makeup. Most likely, Sarah will leave your online site without making a purchase. (This is a common practice among consumers. In fact, only 2% of first time visitors will make an online purchase!) By now you have probably heard of cookies. These cookies are online trackers that allow you to show an ad to Sarah later on, even when she is browsing a completely different site or social media platform! This ad is meant to remind Sarah about your store or encourage her to make a purchase. 

Another form of retargeting online is by encouraging brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is getting a customer to commit to buying your product or services again over a competitor’s. These retargeting ads are meant to encourage those who have already made a purchase at your store to make another purchase at a later date. Again, this tactic would use cookies to track shoppers on your site across other sites online by serving up ads at a later date encouraging them to make a purchase again. One effective way to retarget for brand loyalty is by offering up a discount to encourage a consumer to make another purchase. 

Mobile Geofencing to Retarget Consumers Online

You can amp up your marketing game by also targeting or retargeting those who visit a location of interest. How does this work? Each GPS-enabled device is assigned a MAID, or Mobile Ad ID. When one of these devices intersects with an advertiser’s location of interest, an ad is served up to that user. This type of advertising can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. You can target new potential customers, but you can also retarget those who have visited your store!

For example, Doug needs a new pair of running shoes again and he’s shown up at the shopping center your store is located in. Because you are using geofencing, you can send his smartphone a programmatic ad encouraging him back into your store. One such ad can be a discount or coupon to use at your store. Once Doug has arrived at your geographic zone of interest, your ad will be served up to him as he browses the web or online apps on his smartphone while at the shopping center. 

With Data-Dynamix Mobile Geofencing services, you can define up to 5 locations of interest per order. You’ll also need to provide 2 to 6 ads per order that will be delivered to visitors of your target locations. You’ll also receive daily reporting that you can gain insight from to better inform future ads. opens IMAGE file

SEO Ads for Retargeting Consumers Online

One of the most effective forms of advertising is targeting consumers while they are searching the Internet. This is because these consumers are warm leads already in the buying process. This means you spend less money cultivating these leads because they are already interested in what you have to offer!

Most consumers will research products or services a few times before making a final purchase so this gives you time to target and retarget those consumers. By using SEO ads, you can effectively encourage shoppers to make a purchase with your brand. These retargeting ads can encourage people to click on your site by promising more information, a great deal or whatever you think might encourage your target audience to visit your site again. 

With Data-Dynamix SEO Ads, you just need to provide us with your ideal target audience including keywords, your target geography, your company logo, ad images and text as well as a click through URL. You’ll also get daily impressions and clicks reporting as well as targeting data and full service ad placement and monitoring. 

Using Emails to Retarget Consumers

We all know that people check their email on a daily basis, which gives you the ability to retarget consumers where they are each and every day! Send targeted ads to consumers who have already shown an interest in your products or services by displaying ads right in their online inbox. Like with other forms of retargeting, these ads are meant to encourage people back to your site or store. 

With Data-Dynamix Email Inbox Ads, you have the power to display remarketing ads in the two largest US email service providers, Gmail and Yahoo! We just need your target audience including keywords, target geography, your company logo, ad artwork and text as well as the click through URL. You’ll get reports on daily impressions and clicks as well as targeting data and full service ad placement and monitoring. 

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