How to Pivot Your Digital Advertising in 2020

This year has been quite the wild ride for everyone! Those in digital marketing are no exception; we’ve all been working hard to know how to pivot our digital advertising strategy in an appropriate way for the upcoming months. While very few could have predicted how this all would play out so far, here are a few things we’re seeing for how to pivot well for your digital advertising strategy in the coming year. 

  1. Location Listening for Targeted Consumers. Many people are avoiding physical stores. However, even those who are overly cautious are going to physical stores. What does this mean for advertisers? The big picture pool of device id data for specific locations may be lower, but the QUALITY of that data is so much richer. The people out and about are serious about the places they are going. If they are out at a jewelry store, odds are they aren’t just “killing time” or browsing for fun; they are serious about buying jewelry. This kind of logic opens up a lot of opportunities for advertisers. 
  2. Social Media is pivoting. As many big companies are boycotting Facebook/IG ads, this opens up more opportunities for advertising on other social media platforms. For those who still want to advertise on Facebook’s ad platform, there may even be more room to play with all the big guys out for a little bit. While your company needs to take a hard look at the mission/values side of the equation, if you are okay with advertising on social media, it’s a great time to be engaging here. 
  3. Easy UX is needed. Today’s consumers often make quick decisions. People in 2020 are shopping online like never before and as a result, the user experience needs to be simple, easy, and clear. If it’s too difficult or offers are confusing, consumers will go find somewhere else that can meet their needs.
  4. Online advertising is vital. If your brand has any sort of online presence already, you knew this. However, so many brick and mortar style businesses are realizing that online is the way they will survive the pandemic and the new consumer behavior that results. Digital ads may have been part of your marketing strategy before, but now they are VITAL to your company’s success. Even though many communities are opening up and dealing with varying restrictions, people are still relying heavily  on the digital experience prior to any purchase. 
  5. Plan to pivot. If this year has taught advertisers anything it’s that they need to be ready to adjust their message. Remember, that pivoting does not mean creating from scratch. It means taking what you have and making adjustments so that you can evolve and grow despite any new trends in the world. 


Digital advertising isn’t going anywhere and those that can adapt and adjust with new trends will continue to win! Our team would love to share ways that you can win with digital ads. Visit Data-Dynamix to learn more about Location Listening, Mobile-centric and other digital advertising solutions.